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Courtroom Hearing

Looking for courtroom hearing transcription services with short turnaround time, confidentiality and cost-effective pricing? Global Transcripts can be the one stop solution for all your legal transcription needs.

Our company doesn’t compromise on accuracy and deadlines. We have a team of qualified legal transcriptionists who make sure that no errors are caused during documentation. Even though we offer cost-effective services, quality is never compromised upon.

What sets us apart?

  • Professional services
  • Secure transcription
  • Short turnaround time
  • 99% accuracy
  • Confidentiality
  • Quick delivery
  • Cost-effective

These key features make us the preferred choice for courtroom hearing transcription. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and this is why our clients keep coming back to us with more projects.

Global Transcripts accepts courtroom hearing in various audio and video file formats, including wav, mp2, Mp4, wma, amr, AVI, caf, cd, AIFF/AIF and more.

Skilled Team

We strive to become the pioneer in courtroom hearing transcription services with our team of skilled and proficient professionals. Our staff is trained in using highly advanced equipment, methods and skills to ensure best results. The latest technology and infrastructure is provided to our employees so that they can deliver work on time without compromising on accuracy.

Timely Delivery

Work delivered within a short turnaround time is one of the USPs of our company. From provision of a rough draft of case hearings to real time reporting sessions, our team is experienced in customizing services as per the requirements of our clients.

Error-free Documents

Global Transcript understands the significance of court hearings and how one single error can affect the final outcome of a trial. We make sure you get reports with 100% accuracy. No matter what quality audio you send us, our team will try their best to ensure highest level of accuracy in the final report. We will make sure that the final document goes through quality assurance check before being delivered to you.

Because your privacy is important to us, during this procedure, strict measures are taken to make sure sensitive data is not altered, lost or misused.

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You guys have always done an excellent job. Very accurate and always deliver the work on time. You also offer a great value for the fine work that you do . . .
- Dr. Marder

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