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Global Transcripts expands its Transcription business involving Radiology, Legal and Hospital Transcription

In a move to strengthen its position in the transcription industry, Global Transcripts has added Radiology, Legal and Hospital transcription to its list of specialized services. This expansion has been done to cater to the requirements of varied industries and organizations.

Over the last 14 years, Global Transcripts has carved a name for itself in the field of medical transcription. It has been providing high-quality services to large practices and multi-specialty clinics at affordable rates. With this new development, Global Transcripts plans to fulfill transcription needs of legal offices, hospitals, radiologists and teleradiology companies.

Accurate and Secure Transcription Services

Global Transcripts has taken transcription to the next level with this expansion. An experienced and well-equipped team offering timely, accurate reports is what has made this company an ideal choice for varied organizations. Only the best digital dictation and transcription solutions are used to handle 24/7 transcription requirements for the clients. This has given Global Transcripts an edge over its competitors.

Global Transcripts Helps Businesses Overcome Transcription Challenges

Organizations across the globe are in constant need of reliable, quick and accurate business solutions. Transcription services are always in high demand as businesses prefer investing time and money on core operations rather than mundane transcription jobs.

Global Transcripts has taken a giant step by upgrading its infrastructure to add new services. The company is aware of the transcription perplexities that need to be handled with precision.

Lack of trained resources: Businesses can come to a grinding halt if there are errors in the transcribed documents. Companies need to hire trained resources in order to avoid inaccuracies and delays in delivery.

No flexibility: Success in the medical or legal field requires effective management of rapidly changing environments. Organizations need dedicated transcribers who are well-trained in navigating through the changes.

Lack of money: Cost of hiring a team of skilled transcriptionists and paying them regular salaries is also a major challenge faced by organizations. Deadlines can get hampered if any of the staff goes on leave or quits their job.

Low productivity: It becomes a challenge to hire, train and motivate employees for transcription work. At times, the in-house staff has to balance transcription and office work due to which their productivity level goes down.

Considering these challenges, the demand for outsourced transcription services has doubled in the last few years. The team at Global Transcripts plans to tap this growing demand with a skilled, dedicated team.

About Global Transcripts

Global Transcripts is the leading provider of secure, timely and high quality business solutions. The company has 14 years of valuable experience in transcription and data entry services. State-of-the-art infrastructure and strict security measures are implemented to ensure privacy and quality. Started in 1999, Global Transcripts has grown tremendously over the years. Today, it offers specialized solutions in various fields, including Healthcare, Data Entry, Creative, Research Analytics, Engineering, and Financial among others. It has delivery centers in the US equipped with highly-trained support staff based in Dallas, Texas and India too.

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