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Toll Free Medical Transcription

Toll Free Dictation

Digital technology provides you with 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day per year access to advanced digital dictation technology with toll-free 800 service. Physicians simply calls our toll free number, enters user ID and PIN start dictating. On completion hang-up, dictation is available for Transcription.

Our digital dictation systems are the latest and best available in the industry. We maintain the ability to accept multiple and simultaneous dictations recorded in high quality and clear digital recordings. Our systems reside in a controlled environment and are backed up daily for data integrity.

Dictation Instructions

Anytime during the following messages, the Physician may input data from the telephone keypad. Dial 800-xxx-xxxx to access the system. Enter your ID number followed by the "#" key. System automatically starts recording immediately following the confirmation tone. If the user enters the pause state, by pressing 5 from the keypad or after 30 seconds of dead time, the following prompt will be played: "not recording press 2 to resume dictating". This message will be played at specified intervals for a minute and a half before you are disconnected.

Our System presents several options for starting a new dictation. Some users require a confirmation number for each dictation, while others simply proceed directly to the next dictation. To receive a confirmation number first and then launch a new dictation, press 0 (zero) on the telephone keypad. Otherwise, press 8 from the keypad to go directly to the next dictation.

Complete Key for Default Emulation

** Play confirmation number

  1. Play the confirmation number and launch the next dictation
  2. Go to the beginning of the dictation and play
  3. Start record
  4. Go to the end and stop
  5. Incremental rewind
  6. Pause
  7. Incremental fast forward
  8. Play
  9. Launch the next dictation
  10. End the dictation session and disconnect
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You guys have always done an excellent job. Very accurate and always deliver the work on time. You also offer a great value for the fine work that you do . . .
- Dr. Marder

Toll Free Dictation