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Cost Savings

Global Transcripts provides cost savings up to 40% as opposed to running an in-house transcription department. Global Transcripts’ services help physicians improve productivity, document more accurately and complete records, access information, and communicate findings and plans - all leading to better patient care.

Our transcription services will optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your operations. Our service is fully automated, with complete automation capabilities, and can be customized to meet the needs of your healthcare organization.

From short-term backlog and overflowing support to a completely outsourced solution, Global Transcripts provides physicians with economical, flexible, and customizable transcription options with billing based on dictated minutes or pay for actual lines transcribed. There are no hidden costs.

You are only charged for the time you dictate or lines transcribed. It is a fixed price per minute or per line (characters with spaces only) and you are automatically billed accordingly. There are no other fees.

For the time saved behind these services that we take care of, you can see more patients or gain more personal time.

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You guys have always done an excellent job. Very accurate and always deliver the work on time. You also offer a great value for the fine work that you do . . .
- Dr. Marder

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