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Why are Law Firms Outsourcing Legal Transcription?

A growing number of small as well as large law firms have started outsourcing their transcription needs. Similar to the medical industry, timely availability of accurate documents is extremely important for a smooth workflow at a lawyer’s office.

Litigation has become an important facet of the law business. Even factors like lack of qualified resources and rising costs have made this profession quite complicated. This has pushed the need for timely, error-free transcription services.

By outsourcing these services, law firms can get transcribed legal documents of all kinds including, court reporting, legal meetings, legal conferences and depositions. Since this time-consuming task is handled by a team of experts, lawyers can focus on provision of sound legal counsel.

Seeking the assistance of a reputed transcription company can be highly beneficial for law firms. They can use the transcribed documents to develop client relationship and to provide the best legal counsel. A good service provider will offer 100% accuracy, helping lawyers save time and money. Compared to running an in-house team, outsourcing can save a lot of money in the long run.

Transcription outsourcing services can be availed by law firms, attorneys, prosecutor offices, public defenders, financial institutions, state and federal government agencies, real estate and title agencies, corporate legal departments and insurance companies.

It is extremely important to hire a reputed company with a team of certified and well-trained transcriptionists who have a good knowledge of legal terminologies. This ensures that error-free documents are delivered in a quick turnaround time.

The demand for legal transcription outsourcing continues to grow because possibly everything taking place in the criminal or civil court system requires documentation in hard copy. The information at deposition hearings and courtrooms such as pleadings, testimonies, administrative hearings or interrogatories are either recorded or dictated. In order to use this information, it becomes important to get the recorded audio or video data transcribed into hard documentation.

Law firms prefer outsourcing this need to a reputed service provider because quality reporting, accuracy and quick turnaround time are their top concerns. It also helps them maximize profitability, reduce the administrative time, costs and streamline the workflow.

So, if you are planning to outsource legal transcription, make sure you choose a team of transcriptionists who are committed towards moral, legal and ethical business practices. They should make use of the latest technology and also implement the best security measures to ensure that your confidential data doesn’t get misused. Choose the right provider to gain access to your transcribed documents from your office, home or even while you are travelling.

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