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Reduce Costs and Improve Patient Care with Outsourced Medical Transcription

Outsourcing medical transcription ensures timely delivery of accurate medical records which is vital for improving the quality of healthcare delivery and revenue. It can be challenging for hospitals and medical practices to hire, train and retain qualified transcriptionists. In such cases, outsourcing seems to be the perfect solution for doctors who want to deliver quality care.

Importance of Transcribed Medical Documents

The main goal of any healthcare facility is to offer quality patient care. Patient medical records should be created without compromising quality standards. It is also necessary to ensure that transcription of the records don’t transfer the focus of doctors from clinical tasks to administrative tasks.

To achieve this goal, providers need timely, error-free data. Quality care provision can also be ensured with enhanced efficiency of clinicians and the support staff. The expenses also need to be reduced on non-healthcare related activities. By hiring a service provider for medical transcription, hospitals and medical practices can enhance efficiency of their staff and thus improve the facility’s operations.

How can Providers Benefit from Outsourcing?

Here are some of the ways through which medical transcription outsourcing benefits the providers:

  • Error-free, timely records of patient-doctor encounter become available to the providers. This helps them make effective clinical decisions
  • Since reputed service providers ensure stringent quality policies and quality checks before delivering the transcribed documents, it becomes easy for the doctors to make informed decisions on patient care rather than relying on inputs from patients, hand-written notes or memory
  • Timely delivery of medical documents also speed up the reimbursement procedure as coders get the required data for applying the codes
  • By choosing a reliable transcription company, healthcare organizations can eliminate the risk of breaching HIPAA compliance. This is because reputed companies hire only experienced and skilled transcriptionists who are well aware of HIPAA regulations when transcribing documents
  • Compared to having an in-house team handle the medical transcription tasks, documents can be obtained in a short turnaround time when outsourced. Transcription firms always have a backup ready in case any one of their transcriptionists leave the job or report sick. This ensures delivery of documents in the deadline specified by the doctors
  • By choosing to outsource medical transcription, resources at the medical facility such as the IT staff, management staff and working capital can be put to better use instead of handling a mundane task like transcription

In a nutshell, outsourcing of medical transcription services can not only improve efficiency at the medical practice but also help doctors make informed decisions and offer quality patient care.

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