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Outsourcing Medical Transcription- Importance of Certified Transcriptionists

As per the mandate passed by insurance companies in the US, medical practitioners will have to produce written documents of their discussions with patients along with the entire procedure. This will be required for sanctioning medical fees for the patients. Due to this mandate, medical transcription services have become quite popular.

Why Outsource Medical Transcription?

Considering the increase in workload, many doctors across the country have started outsourcing medical transcription services. This has not only helped them get access to timely, error-free reports but they are also saving a lot of time and money through outsourcing.

Importance of Certified Medical Transcriptionists

Medical records are necessary for treating patients. These records help doctors decide the course of treatment and take necessary measures in case there are complications. Patient records transcribed by skilled transcriptionists are also used by physicians in interdisciplinary treatment procedures because it is not necessary that a patient gets treatment by only one doctor. In such a case, smooth flow of information from one physician to another becomes a necessity for effective diagnosis and treatment.

Hire MTs or Outsource?

Reputed service providers hire certified and well-trained medical transcriptionists (MTs) to offer timely reports to their clients. Only experienced MTs can listen to a physician’s dictated recordings and create medical reports within a short turnaround time. High standard of accuracy is required in medical documents. Certified medical transcribers are not only well-trained in using medical terminologies in reports but they also maintain high standards of security and confidentiality.

Saving Time and Money

Hiring a team of certified and experienced medical transcribers can be expensive for many private practices. Apart from offering them an attractive salary package, providers also have to spend on infrastructure, technology and other requirements of an in-house transcription team. By outsourcing, healthcare providers can easily eliminate these costs and save significant amount of money.

Error-free patient records need to be maintained by hospitals and other healthcare facilities. These reports are very useful in case of legal hassles related to the patients. Considering the importance of transcribed reports, doctors should always seek assistance from certified medical transcriptionists.

Service providers have a backup of certified transcribers which means even if one transcriptionist goes on leave or quits the job; deadline for delivering the reports is not affected. Their MTs are trained to offer minimum accuracy of 98% on all reports that will be included in medical records of patients. They not only avoid major or minor errors related to language but also avoid usage of incorrect medical terms in the reports.

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