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Importance of Quality Check in Outsourced Medical Transcription

Quality check is very important for transcribed medical documents because they are a necessary component of healthcare records. It is necessary to monitor accuracy of transcription on a regular basis so that documentation quality can be ensured.

Even a minor error in the transcribed records can create health risks for a patient. So, if a hospital or private practice is planning to outsource medical transcription requirements, it is necessary to find out what quality check measures are implemented by the service provider.

Importance of Performing Quality Checks of Medical Records

Only a reputed transcription company understands the importance of performing quality check of medical records. It is not only important for delivering quality care but errors can also affect the credibility and competence of the healthcare organization. There has been an increase in the number of malpractice lawsuits in the US. This has pushed the need for doctors to choose a company that takes medical transcription seriously.

With the help of quality assurance, it becomes easy to ensure that medical transcription practices are accurate and consistent. Degree of consistency and accuracy in medical transcription can be achieved only when the team of transcriptionists is experienced and trained. Only skilled staff will have the knowledge of medical terminologies, physiology, anatomy, signs, symptoms, disease processes and medications. Apart from the medical terms, they also need to have good knowledge in grammar, punctuation and usage of English language. A medical transcriptionist should maintain accuracy of 98% on all reports that have been included in the medical record of the patient.

Importance of Choosing a Reputed Transcription Service Provider

Reputed companies have a team of capable professionals. Their staff is fluent in English and medical terminologies. The company keeps monitoring their work to ensure accuracy and to look for inconsistencies. They use advanced software to transcribe the documents. Once the transcription is done, a comparison is made between the dictation and the transcribed record. It is passed through three levels of quality check before being sent to the client.

If any of the transcriptionists fail to understand a certain word or phrase in the dictation they flag the report to find out the correct phrase or word. They prefer to wait rather than trying to guess and making a mistake. Reliable firms always ask for feedback from their clients. This helps them improve the quality of their service and identify problem areas.

Therefore, in order to ensure quality work, it is necessary to choose a good transcription company that performs quality check before delivering the documents.

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