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Importance of Outsourcing Radiology Transcription

Did you know that workload for a radiologist is increasing by 6% every year? Radiology transcription outsourcing is beneficial for doctors as well as patients. Timely access of radiology reports ensures provision of quality patient care. It can also help healthcare centers deal with legal issues related to patient treatment.

By choosing to outsource, healthcare organizations can update and organize radiology reports with ease. Since a dedicated team handles the transcription work, documentation responsibilities of doctors are reduced. They can easily access the radiology reports, whenever required. Not just patient care but access to transcribed reports also helps in accurate billing and coding tasks.

There are various benefits associated with radiology transcription outsourcing:

  • Doctors can get customized solutions in a short turnaround time
  • Efficiency and productivity can be improved with access to timely reports
  • Reputed companies ensure that transcribed documents go through stringent quality checks
  • Transcribed reports can be obtained in any desired file format
  • Outsourced services are cost-effective and strict privacy and security measures are followed
  • Doctors can get to save approximately 30-40% on transcription costs by outsourcing

Outsourcing Ensures Timely, Error-free Radiology Reports

Accurate documentation of radiology reports is extremely important for making right clinical decisions. It is important to choose a reputed service provider when choosing to outsource.

When compared to running an in-house team, outsourcing is more beneficial and cost-effective. Transcription requires huge investment in infrastructure and specialized equipment. It also requires a team of certified and experienced transcriptionists who have a good understanding of radiology and medical terminologies.

If the documents are not transcribed by experts, it can result in wrong prescriptions and clinical decisions. This can affect the patient’s health, damage the reputation of the hospital or medical practice and even lead to legal consequences. Therefore, choosing a reliable service provider for radiology transcription is vital for healthcare organizations.

An external agency will offer customer service 24/7 and work will be delivered as per the deadline even during holidays or vacations. A reliable company has a backup team in case any of the transcriptionists resign or take personal and medical leaves. In case of outsourcing, healthcare organizations need to make payment only for the work done and not for idle time.

The market is full of service providers claiming to offer timely, affordable transcription services. Therefore, it is important for healthcare providers to conduct a research before hiring an agency. Ratings and services should be reviewed before making a final decision. Remember, outsourcing can increase revenue, improve patient care and enhance productivity but the key to success lies in choosing a reliable company that will offer professional services at competitive rates.

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