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How can Outsourced Radiology Transcription Services Help Improve Patient Care?

Are you looking for ways to reduce radiology transcription costs, enhance productivity and improve patient care? If the answer is yes, you can outsource your radiology transcription needs to a reputed service provider.

It is very important for physicians to obtain radiology reports in a timely manner. Radiology clinics are responsible for delivering transcribed reports to doctors in a short turnaround time. In most of the cases, in-house transcription teams at clinics fail to handle the growing documentation requirements. This affects the delivery of important reports to the physicians.

Timely access to radiology reports increases the survival rate of patients because these reports include information for diagnosis and treatment for the disease. This means a patient’s life can be saved if their radiology reports are transcribed and made available on time.

At times, the turnaround time for radiology reports exceeds 36 hours. Since STAT reports take longer than usual, the patients are deprived of quick treatment. Quick diagnosis and treatment is possible only when the doctor gets access to error-free CT scan reports, MRIs, X-ray reports and the ultrasound reports.

This is one of the major reasons why many clinics have started outsourcing transcription services. It has not only helped them improve the turnaround time but also improved their document workflow.

How can transcription outsourcing help improve document workflow?

Many reputed service providers offer a toll-free phone-in-dictation that is used by radiologists to narrate the clinical diagnosis of patients. In case a radiology EMR application is used by the clinic, transcription agencies establish a VPN connection with the EMR and access the dictations available in the centralized voice system. They document the reports and make it available to the radiologists for review.

Integration of EMR with the radiology transcription services has helped radiology clinics and hospitals to a great extent. Transcribers can integrate themselves into the EMR used by the physicians along with the PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) of the radiology clinics. With this integration, clinics can manage their workflow in an effective manner and enhance productivity.

Considering the importance of radiology in the field of healthcare in the US, outsourcing is one of the most attractive options for obtaining timely reports. Reliable transcription companies ensure STAT. They hire experienced transcriptionists, editors and proof readers to ensure error-free document delivery. The documents go through stringent quality checks before sending it to the clients. Such companies also have a skilled back-up team which means, even if one of the transcriptionists go on a leave or quit the job, the deadline for delivering radiology reports is met with ease.

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