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Ensuring Privacy of Data when Outsourcing Business Transcription

Planning to outsource business transcription services? If the answer is yes, make sure that your business data remains secure with the transcription service provider. Companies from different sectors including, banking, retail, insurance and telecommunication are considering this option for cost savings. This service can be used by any business that wishes to convert recorded communication or speech into a readable format.

Security remains the top priority for businesses in any of the operations. This concern increases when transcription services are outsourced. Outsourcing has various benefits but it is equally important to ensure that the company doesn’t lose control of sensitive personal information.

Importance of Choosing a Reliable Service Provider

Since there is always the fear of confidential business data being misused or misplaced, it becomes essential to choose a reputed service provider. A good company will implement vigilant measures for in-house data security when transcribing or delivering the documents to the clients. Data transcribing will be handled with a lot of caution so that the security, privacy and confidentiality of concerns of the clients are met without any issues.

Only a reliable transcription company will implement the following measures to assure the clients of high level security of data:

  • The team of transcriptionists undergo professional training for handling the business data. They are trained in following all the security measures when transcribing documents
  • In order to make sure that all systems work as per the security agreements, transcription companies conduct technical evaluations on a regular basis
  • Reputed companies don’t allow their staff to carry PDAs or laptops inside the premises. This is done to make sure that data doesn’t get copied by any staff. Transcriptionists are also made to sign Non-Disclosure and confidentiality agreements before they are assigned any project that involves confidential data
  • Only strict administrative procedures are implemented for guarding the availability, integrity and security of the business data
  • To make sure that customer-sensitive data doesn’t get leaked, printing is not allowed inside the company premises. Each transcriptionist is assigned a separate computer with a unique password so that only he/she can access the data available on that system. The systems are checked on a random basis to test for any data theft
  • Transcribed files are encrypted so that unauthorized people cannot decipher the data easily. Storage of this crucial data is done at a data centre having limited access

If you want to make sure that your business information remains secure when outsourcing transcription, ask the vendor about the measures taken to keep your data private.

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