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Choosing the Best Company for Outsourcing Legal Transcription

There is no room for mistakes in the legal industry. Law firms should choose only the best transcription company to make sure that confidential legal documents remain secure. Since this vital task is handled by trained experts, law firms can concentrate on other core tasks.

Outsourcing- a cost-effective, convenient option

Outsourcing has become a convenient option for various businesses including law firms. With the help of professional transcription agencies, lawyers have been able to get transcribed documents such as legal proceedings and other activities in a short turnaround time. Legal transcription outsourcing can help save time and money but how should a law firm choose a reliable service provider?

There are many firm offering legal transcription services but not every agency can be relied upon. Only the best firm can ensure quality results and maintain the confidentiality of the documents. Here are some of the factors based on which lawyers can choose a reputed firm:

Look for years of experience the transcription company has. If the firm has been into business for long, it means they can be relied upon. Check their official website for testimonials from clients to get an idea about their quality of service.

Quality assurance is an important factor to be considered when outsourcing. The entire team including, transcriptionists, legal writers, proofreaders and editors need to make sure that transcribed documents contain no errors. Lawyers have to deal with a wide range of legal documents on a daily basis. They have stringent deadlines to meet and therefore, error-free documentation becomes a necessity. Reliable firms ensure that data provided to them for transcription is not misused by the staff.

A reputed firm makes use of the latest technology for transcribing legal documents. When you approach a service provider, ask them about the infrastructure and software technologies they use. They need to have a standardized QA system for delivering accuracy in transcribed documents. Stringent quality checks should be performed so that 99% accuracy can be maintained.

Ensure that the firm has a team of certified and experienced transcriptionists who are well aware of the legal terminologies. Not just transcriptionists but editors, technical support staff, legal analysts and proofreaders should also be trained so that maximum accuracy is maintained in transcription.

Since the market is flooded with firms offering legal transcription services, it is important to do some research before finalizing a service provider. This will not only ensure timely, error-free service but also save you money. By choosing a reliable outsourcing partner, overall operational costs can be reduced by 30-40%.

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