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8 Points to Consider when Outsourcing Business Transcription

Planning to outsource business transcription services? How will you know which service provider is the best for you? Here are eight important points to consider when looking for a reputed business transcription company:

1. Turnaround Time

Important business decisions are based on how quickly a service provider delivers the transcribed documents. Therefore, always choose a firm that offers services in a short turnaround time. Reputed firms are able to return completed documents in as little as a couple of hours. They can work according to your deadline requirements. The key to success lies in choosing a company that is responsive and flexible to your needs.

2. Customer Service

The company’s customer service should be exceptionally good. It should be the top priority of the service provider. Make sure their representatives are available 24/7 so that you can contact them for any queries or urgent assistance.

3. Trained, Certified staff

Choose a transcription company that only hires certified and trained transcriptionists. This will ensure error-free documents. Some firms even train their transcribers under their on-site training program before assigning them a certain project.

4. Skilled Team

Not just the transcriptionists but editors and proofreaders hired by the transcription company should be trained and certified too. It is important to have a skilled team on board if you want the transcribed documents to be free from errors.

5. Quality Control

Reliable firms have a document quality review program in place. Stringent quality check is done before delivering the documents to clients. Their quality control department implements tried and tested measures to determine the quality of transcribed data. Choose a firm that ensures 99.9% accuracy.

6. Costing

Obtain quotes from two to three service providers of your choice when planning to outsource business transcription. Once you have the quotes, compare the rates and other factors like payment options to finalize one firm based on your requirements.

7. Technology

Choose a firm that makes use of latest technology and techniques. Transcription technologies keep changing and improving, and error-free records can be produced only when top quality software is used for transcribing

8. Security

Security of data is of utmost importance when outsourcing business transcription. You need to be assured that important, confidential data about your business will not get misplaced or misused by the transcription company. Therefore, don’t hesitate to enquire about the security measures implemented by the firm of your choice.

Outsourcing can help business organizations carry out various tasks with efficiency. It also helps them save money because hiring a third party agency to handle this task eliminates the cost of hiring and training an in-house team.

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